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Day 5: “God, I Love Vermont.”

That quote from a friend on our Facebook post from the capital, Montpelier, sums up most of our feelings toward the second least populated state in the country. The Green Mountain State likely gets its name from its French-speaking Canadian neighbor to the north: Vert = Green. Mont = Mountain. And it’s true, the state […]

Day 3 in New Hampshire: The Real Fearless Ones

Chief Kancamagus, “The Fearless One,” was the last leader of the Passaconaway Tribe whose home was New Hampshire’s White Mountains until the late 1600’s – when, probably not by coincidence, it was taken by white men. Since then, the government has paved a 35 mile stretch of meandering highway through the range, connecting numerous waterfalls, building the […]

Day 2 in New Hampshire: The White Mountains

We’re staying at a timeshare exchange called “The Inns at Waterville Valley – The Birches,” a cottage relic from the 1970’s with the only signs of modernity being wifi and the Coke cans in the $.50 pop machine. It met the important criteria for an ideal escape from Chicago: Near mountains and abundant nature. A […]

Day 1: Kilted New Hampshire: The Highland Festival

After a short travel day from Chicago to Manchester to the middle of nowhere Waterville Valley, we began our first full day in New Hampshire’s White Mountains with tickets to the largest Scottish Festival in the country. Last weekend, 45,000 people went to Loon Mountain and created the biggest gathering of hairy men in dresses since last year’s […]

Expert Opinions on Travel Comfort

One of the joys of having a travel blog is the periodic jolt of excitement I get when someone finds one of my articles funny, useful or even worth sharing. Such was the case when the Tommy John clothing company found my recent article on tips to travel with comfort and asked permission to use a quote […]

Essentials of Traveling in Comfort

When we had our child, our pediatrician said something brilliant: “Unhappy parents make unhappy babies.” He singlehandedly justified not feeling bad about putting on the airplane mask before my child and having one extra cocktail at every dinner. This idea inspired me to write about what accessories and strategies I use to be more comfortable […]

Free Range Nursing at Culver’s

Now that we have a newborn baby, our adventure travel will likely have to be put on pause, unless we consider long trips with the stroller down the third-world streets of Chicago’s Milwaukee Avenue an adventure. For this reason, I’ve decided to provide up-to-date reviews on various places where my wife has been required to […]

Things We Will Not Die From In Colombia

It’s almost time to go, however, we’ve been envisioning the experience for months. Soon, imagination will shift to reality at the airport when I smell the Cinnabons and the guy ahead of me in security acts like he hasn’t flown after 9/11. It’ll feel too real when I try to slide into the 12 inches between my airplane seat and the […]