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On the Trail in Illinois: The Rainbow Ranch

Waking up next to the Rainbow Ranch Petting Zoo does not a typical camping morn make.  No gurgle of a brook rushing by a well-chosen campsite, nor the noise of  college co-eds nursing hangovers in the spot across the way, nor the clatter of RV retirees making a 4 course breakfast.  Nope.  It’s far noisier.

Into the Eye: Whale-watching in Baja Sur

March 24 found Liz and I in a Cessna 15 seater at 10,500 feet with a direct heading to San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja Sur, Baja. A smooth beach landing had us clapping in appreciation for the pilot’s skills. After a 20 minute panga ride we claimed our tent site- Caballo del Mar-Sea Horse- for a […]

Get on the Right Train!

How to take 3 trains from Belgium to a small town in Germany when you don’t know enough German to count to ten: 1. Take a cab to the train station if public transportation is lengthy.  This trip will be long enough. 2. Keep your pre-purchased tickets or Eurail pass and itinerary in an easily […]


Last week, I found myself thinking a lot about that whoa-I’m-in-the-presence-of-something-greater-than-myself feeling.  When we LaBarges have that cultural/emotional runner’s high, we get goosebumps (and usually show them to each other, because we’re that cool), though I imagine folks all over the world experience it differently. The thoughts were sparked by revisiting a trip to Russia […]