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Expert Opinions on Travel Comfort

One of the joys of having a travel blog is the periodic jolt of excitement I get when someone finds one of my articles funny, useful or even worth sharing. Such was the case when the Tommy John clothing company found my recent article on tips to travel with comfort and asked permission to use a quote in their infographic below.

Please note that I’ve not been paid in any way to write about Tommy John, in fact, I’ve never worn their clothing. However, I’ll say that after looking at their online store, it might be picking up some of their undies or t-shirts for the trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire I just booked last night.

Many thanks to the Tommy John team for including Free Range Travel in their fun marketing piece and enjoying our travel blog.



Now onto figuring out what one does with a six-month old in Vail, Co. Any ideas? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Thanks for reading – John



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Having traveled extensively in the past with an artist and educator schedule, I now spend my non-working hours calming a tired infant, searching for the best sazerac and getting the most out of our urban garden. As we inevitably write more about traveling with children, we'd love to read your comments about how you create the perfect comfort/adventure balancing act. Thanks for reading!

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