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We’re experienced travelers who will save you countless hours of time by crafting an inspiring, well-planned vacation unique to your style and personality – helping you avoid the internet’s conflicting recommendations, over-used Top-Ten lists and endless Trip Advisor ads.

We can work with you on anything from luxurious white-sand-beach vacations to hostel-hopping adventure travel. Our partner network covers most of the globe and 100% of the United States.


  • A phone or email consultation to understand your ideal travel experience
  • An impactful travel itinerary that maximizes time and convenience while limiting costs
  • Recommended places/activities including must-see attractions, restaurants, hotels, music venues, timely festivals, hikes, tours, scenery and ways to interact and learn from locals
  • Alternative, less traveled destinations for further relaxation or exploration
  • Transportation recommendations
  • Important travel tips (cultural observations, food, currency, visas, etc)
  • Packing suggestions


Travel planning fees start at $200 for a week full of activities across a few cities. Longer vacations require more time to plan and additional fees.

As a reference, a seven-day road trip through Oregon with a number of stops, lodgings and hikes will cost $200, while a 15-day trip through Europe would range around $250-$350 depending on how much planning is requested.


I hired John at Free Range Travel to help me plan a 2-week trip to Italy and Croatia. Without John’s guidance, I simply wouldn’t be taking this trip as I was overwhelmed with travel options when trying to plan it on my own.

From the first contact, John’s knowledge and passion for travel in the countries we discussed was apparent. He first got on the phone with me to learn about my personality, preferences, travel style, budget, criteria and expectations. Once an itinerary was planned, he offered me options for accommodations and activities at each destination. There was a lot of back-and-forth as I made up (and changed) my mind about what I wanted to do, and he was always quick to respond and incredibly helpful. He even worked with me on using points through a specific hotel chain and offered advice on packing!

I’ve told so many people about my experience, and they are amazed at the ease of planning it has resulted in. Anyone traveling to Italy or surrounding countries should use Free Range Travel – you’ll be so happy you did! The peace of mind they provide as well as the time savings far surpasses the very reasonable cost of his service. Thank you John!

Caitlyn McCrimmonLos Angeles

A Sample Vacation Experience

  • Hit the Road...

    …on Hwy 1 north from beautiful San Francisco. It’s early and still a bit foggy, but the Golden Gate Bridge  pokes through just enough to warrant a peaceful moment at the nearby park overlooking the bay – a great beginning to a 3-day road trip to Portland.

  • Stretch Your Legs...

    … at Hog Island Oyster Farm about 50 minutes up Hwy 1. They don’t get much fresher than “right off the boat.” Ever wonder if you’ll get rich looking for pearls at dinner? Find out your odds over a quick tasting with the owner.

  • A Walk on the Coastline

    Another 40 minutes brings you to Bodega Bay and Sonoma Coast State Park. An $8 entrance fee is worth it now that the fog has lifted to offer beautiful views. Step softly enough and you’ll hear the barking of harbor seals in the distance.

  • Lunch Local

    By now it’s lunchtime and you can grab one of a few tables at the cozy and intimate Boat House. Sure, it’s a shack, but local fishermen drop their catch off everyday and you get the tasty spoils of war. Forget to pack something? Grab it at a nearby general store.

  • Pour a Glass

    …at the Korbel Champagne tasting room just west on the Russian River Road. Don’t drink too much because it’s tucked away behind a wonderfully curvy drive and there are barrels of local wine still to come. Take the West Side Road to Healdsburg as each turn exposes some of the best vineyards in the world, including the small family-owned Porter Creek Vineyard. Careful, you could spend all afternoon on their patio. (hammock not included)

  • Grab Dinner

    After seeing a night’s worth of tasting rooms on the wine-soaked town plaza alone, you’ve decided to add an extra day to the trip. Good call. Grab some dinner at Bravas where the small-plates are made for sharing, the popular truffle-fries at Healdsburg Bar and Grill or have the Il Nonno sandwich at the cozy Campo Fina with a local vino.

  • Check In

    Relax in a pillow-top bed between luxurious linens at the Haydon Street Inn. For surprisingly good rates, have a quiet sleep off the busy plaza and begin the day with a mouth-watering breakfast prepared by chef/owner, John Harasty, former Executive Chef from Churchill Downs. They just built a brick-fired oven, so between the wine, food and dinner, you may not need to leave. Ever.

  • Afternoon Laziness

    We’ve brought you here for a regional art and music festival where culture combines with great wine to make for a magical afternoon. Sit out on the square and revel in some of the many reasons northern California attracts everyone from the 1960’s hippie movement to the family vacationer. The warm sun cuts through a cool ocean air, the sound of a nearby food stand putting veggies on the grill is playing backup to a great acoustic guitar and you’ve got no rush to be anywhere but on vacation.