Free Range Colombia: Day Seven – Pride and Passion

Louis, John and I hopped in a taxi cab on Friday morning to check out Iza, a nearby pueblo known for its beauty and merengón (a cake-ish treat with a thick layer of jammy-fruitness)before getting the bus to Bogotá.

Louis is a get-things-done kind of fellow. As John and I casually looked for a nice shop where we might put our big backpacks for an hour, he was already inside a building with doors wide open, asking the first person he saw behind a desk to watch our stuff. This request occurred using perhaps 2 Spanish words, a string of Sp-English words and a whole lot of gestures. Smiles exchanged, bags dropped, “muchas gracias” expressed. Louis hadn’t noticed that the office was marked: “Juzgado Municipal ” as in, the municipal judge… Read more

Chicago Singer - Cabaret, Lessons and Weddings

The Music of Paris in Chicago: Edith Piaf and Others

Last weekend, Elise LaBarge, my much better half and grammar patrol for this website, brought her French cabaret set from St. Louis to a Chicago stage for the first time. I set up the video camera, got myself a Jameson <neat> and watched her walk onstage at Davenport’s Cabaret Club to perform 75 minutes of beautiful music connected to France’s involvement in World War II. Backed up by a trio of musicians: Andy Swindler on drums, Paul Foster on standup bass and Bobby Deitz on piano, Elise entertained a full house in Davenport’s intimate space with some classic songs (and some less known) of Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, Cole Porter, Judy Garland, Josephine Baker and others.

The following is “Mon Legionnaire,” a song initially performed by Marie Dubas and made popular by Edith Piaf: Read more