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Traveling with Kids: A List of Valuable Resources

Someone asked me recently if I had any tips for traveling with kids, both on airplanes and/or internationally. For better or worse, my kid travel has been limited to a few road-trips with my siblings. All I remember from those frustrating times is that I needed a roll of duct tape or a rag soaked in chloroform.

To help this friend and others who’ll soon be traveling with kids, I scoured the internet and put together a list of credible blogs, articles and other resources that should help prevent readers from wanting the same things I did.


Rough Guides – 20 Tips for Traveling With Children

I like this article for both its common sense suggestions and unique ways to engage children such that they can be a part of the travel experience.

My Little Nomads – General Advice for Traveling With Kids

A wonderful resource for parents who like to travel. This article has advice for a variety of situations. I’d recommend skimming it to find something you haven’t thought of.

Alpha Mom: A Survivor’s Guide to Air Travel With Multiple Children

She has specific recommendations for equipment and tactics learned from a very recent trip with two young kids.

The Wall Street Journal: Survival Tips for Flying Internationally with Kids

A great article from an experienced traveler that helps you mentally prepare for the journey. It includes substantial descriptions of experiences and context for recommendations.

Travel Mammas: Packing Lists for All Ages of Travelers

Includes eight travel packing lists for ages 0-100. Has added lists for young travelers on airplanes and road trips as well as adults planning a romantic getaway.

Love Taza: Traveling With Kids

A fun blog with practical, proven tips from a real life mother of three. You’ll likely find something else interesting within the site as well.

Mashable: 8 tips for Making Travel With Kids Painless (as possible)

As a technology buff, I couldn’t leave Mashable’s tips off this list. Plus, their less is more travel mantra could not be more spot on.

The TSA: Children Security Procedures and Policies

The Transportation Safety Administration has this short website to answer questions about:

  • Children with Medical Conditions, Disabilities, or Mobility Aids;
  • Formula, Breast Milk, and Juice;
  • Screening of Children’s Items
  • Screening Technology
  • Screening your Child

The State Department: Country Specific Entry/Exit Document Needs

Many countries have specific documentation needs for children. This website is surprisingly easy to use for a government website: Click on the country to which you are going and find the info you need in the drop-down menus.

ABC News: Whether You Should Drug Your Child for Flight

I had to include this article, one of many online, that provide two opposing opinions. As I don’t have a child, I shouldn’t take a side. However, as a normal child of a mother who smoke, drank and rode roller coasters eight months into pregnancy, I can’t help but wonder if people are overreacting yet again.

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Having traveled extensively in the past with an artist and educator schedule, I now spend my non-working hours calming a tired infant, searching for the best sazerac and getting the most out of our urban garden. As we inevitably write more about traveling with children, we'd love to read your comments about how you create the perfect comfort/adventure balancing act. Thanks for reading!

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